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Perpetual traveller in the world of tech

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I am a software engineer and CTO at Relu Solutions

I have vast experience in a variety of different industries from affiliate marketing to consultancy.
I strive to build something great, and I am always working on various cool projects.
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Dedi is a social discovery application that aims to bring people together based on common interests in a fun and interactive way.

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Relu Solutions

Relu solutions is an IT consultancy company built with the overall goal of bringing transparency to the industry. Kristoffer has acted as the co-founder and CTO, facilitating and managing 20+ developers and designing vast enterprise architectures for distributed software systems.

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Traxr is a CRM platform and Marketplace for backlinks and SEO. It has a significant customer base across various industries and offers advanced algorithms and analytical insights for individuals in the SEO business.

Finding synergy between technology and business

My experience as a tech lead and CTO has led to a vast experience in managing software teams of many different sizes and varieties. I strive to facilitate the process of developing business-driven software systems that creates value for the end-user.

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